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Box: rdf_feeds_boxed Boxes
By phill , Section Code []
Posted on Tue Jun 22, 2004 at 12:00:00 PM PST
I'm not particularly fond of the one rdf box with all the links lumped inside. I had played around with a system to seperate the rdf feeds into boxes and then allow the user to determine their position as well as turn them off from the page they were displayed on. This is a slimed down version of that idea, minus the arrangement options.

There are four parts: rdf_feeds_boxed, rdf_feeds_single, box_rdf_box, and hiderdf_box.

Any improvements or suggestions are welcome.

Type: box
Template: empty_box
Description: This is the main box that all the rdf feeds are nested inside and is losely based on the rdf_feeds box that comes with scoop. Because it is uses the empty_box template, you should not see it. It gets the $S->{prefs}->{rdf_feeds} from the userprefs table and uses that to populate the list of visible rdf feeds.

Type: box
Template: empty_box
Description: This is the box that formats the rdf feed data into the box. There is not a (known) variable for rdf feed id and this box works around that without modifying the base scoop code. The $c argument in rdf_feeds_boxed ($content.=qq~|BOX,rdf_box_single,$c|~;) feeds rdf_feeds_single the rid to build the box around.

Type: block
Category: Box Templates
Theme: default
Description: This is the html that would normally be called as the box template. The '|BOX,hiderdf_box,|RID||' statement calls the hiderdf_box and '|RID|' is replaced by the rdf_feeds_single box with the rdf ID number.

Type: box
Template: empty_box
Description: This is a modified version of Hillct's hidebox_box that hides changes the rdf_feeds userpref.

## start rdf_feeds_boxed box
## instead of the one box of RDF feeds lumped together, create a box for each feed and incorporate the hidebox_box functionality by Colin Hil l (hillct)
## Version 0.1 by phill brown (
## This box uses the empty_box template
return unless $S->{UI}->{VARS}->{use_rdf_feeds};
my $content;
my $channels = $S->rdf_channels();
my @feeds=split(/,/, $S->{prefs}->{rdf_feeds});
foreach my $c(@feeds){
return $content;
## end rdf_feeds_boxed

## start rdf_feeds_single box
## instead of the one box of RDF feeds lumped together, create a box for each feed and incorporate the hidebox_box functionality by Colin Hil l (hillct)
## Version 0.1 by phill brown (
## This box uses the empty_box template
my $content;
my $item= $S->rdf_channels($ARGS[0]);
my $title=$item->{title};

if ($S->{UI}->{VARS}->{rdf_use_images} && $item->{image_url}) {
$content .= qq~<A HREF="$item->{image_link}"><IMG SRC="$item->{image_url}" ALT="$item->{image_title}" BORDER="1">< /a><br>\n~;

my $item_limit = defined($S->{prefs}->{rdf_max_headlines}) ?
$S->{prefs}->{rdf_max_headlines} :
defined($S->{UI}->{VARS}->{rdf_max_headlines}) ?
$S->{UI}->{VARS}->{rdf_max_headlines} : 15;

my $links = $S->rdf_items($ARGS[0], $item_limit);
foreach my $i (@{$links}) {
$content .= qq~|dot| <a class="light" href="$i->{link}">$i->{title}</a><br>\n~;

my $return=$S->{UI}->{BLOCKS}->{box_rdf_box};
$return =~ s/|content|/$content/g;
$return =~ s/|title|/$title/g;
$return =~ s/|RID|/$ARGS[0]/g;

return $return;
## end rdf_box_single box

## start box_rdf_box block
## instead of the one box of RDF feeds lumped together, create a box for each feed and incorporate the hidebox_box functionality by Colin Hil l (hillct)
## Version 0.1 by phill brown (
## I placed this block in the default theme and in the 'Box Templates' category. You might consider doing the same.
<TD BGCOLOR="#006699">
## end box_rdf_box block

## START hiderdf_box ##
# Requires an image name to be defined in the variable 'hidebox_icon'
# This box should be called from within the box rdf_box_single
# The call should be of the form:
# |BOX,hiderdf_box,|RID||
# an example box closer icon can be seen at:

### Really Start Hidebox Box ###
# Display a Box CLoser 'X' in box templates
# Version 0.1 by hillct
# Version 0.1a by phill brown ( modified to change RDF preferences
my $uri=$S->apache->uri;
my $arg = $S->apache->args();
$arg =~ s/hide-rdf=\w+//g;
$arg =~ s/;$//;
my $redirect=($arg)?"$uri?$arg":$uri;
$uri .= ($arg) ? "?$arg;hide-rdf=$ARGS[0]" : "?hide-rdf=$ARGS[0]";

if($S->{GID} ne 'Anonymous') { # If logged in
# Change the user pref for display of this box

my @feeds=split(/,/, $S->{prefs}->{rdf_feeds});
my @rids;

foreach my $c (@feeds){
push(@rids, $c) unless ($c == $ARGS[0]);
# Redirect because we're actually running the box
$S->apache->status(301); $S->{HEADER_ONLY}=1;
} else {
# Display an 'X' with a link to 'URI' if allowed
$content.=qq{<a href="$uri"><img src="$S->{UI}->{VARS}->{'rootdir'}$S->{UI}->{VARS}->{'imagedir'}/$S->{UI} ->{VARS}->{'hidebox_icon'}" border="0" align="right" alt="close"></a>};

return {content => $content};

## END hiderdf_box ##

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Box: rdf_feeds_boxed | 12 comments (12 topical, 0 hidden)
wow. (none / 0) (#1)
by phill on Thu Jun 24, 2004 at 07:22:07 AM PST

I just realized how crappy of a description that is.

rdf_feeds_boxed and the sub boxes exist so that you can break up your rdf_feeds into individual boxes. For each of the boxes, there is now the ability to choose not to display the feed from the page that it is displayed on, using a modified version of the hidebox_box.

In short, it is removing feeds from the page like you can remove boxes.


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Box: rdf_feeds_boxed | 12 comments (12 topical, 0 hidden)
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