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Current Scoop Feature Work

Here you will find a (hopefully) reasonably accurate list of scoop features which are currently under development. If you are a developer currently doing feature work for scoop, please click here.

Feature Developer Status Location Last Updated
User Prefs - cleanup and flexibility janra beta CVS 9/9/2004
DB Backup via Cron Captain_Tenille alpha Patch 12/5/2001
E-Commerce Modules rusty planning N/A 12/7/2001
New Scoop Box Exchange panner pre-alpha N/A 12/7/2001
Scoop Help System The Trinidad Kid planning N/A 12/18/2001
Events and Calendaring janra alpha patch 9/24/2004
HTML Checker updates panner planning N/A 06/4/2002
Apache 2.x support hulver pre-alpha CVS 08/27/2003
Story Field Flexibility hillct alpha patch 7/9/2003
Story Versioning Driusan pre-alpha patch 04/12/2004

New Features:
Developers wishing to have their feature added to this list should do a short Dev Notes writeup of the feature they're working on, and send mail to the scoop-dev mailing list with 'FEATURE WORK' in the subject, making reference to their writeup and indicating the status of their feature as well as the location of their code if available.

The short descriptions above are selected by the current primary developer of the feature (or the maintainer of this page). If you don't like the description or there's no link with details on the feature, complain to the primary developer listed, because either they didn't provide accurate information (or any information at all) to the maintainer of this page.

The developers listed here are listed by choice. If you wish not to have your feature listed, contact the maintainer of this page. If you wish to take over development of a feature, please try and contact the current developer first.

The available statuses are: Planning, Pre-Alpha, Alpha, and Beta. Features labeled Alpha or Pre-Alpha should not be used on a production site. Stable features are not listed here.

This is the location of code related to the featuire in question. Typically it is offered as a patch or via CVS. In the future some features may be released via the Scoop Box Exchange.

Last Updated:
This is the date of the most recent update sent by the developer to the maintainer of this page. If the date is too long past for your tastes, and you want to find out if the feature is still being actively developed (or better yet you'd like to take over development of a dead feature) please send mail to the scoop-dev mailing list.

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