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Scoop Box Exchange - Show Box: music 1.00

Author: b1o [Info]


Will display information about the song currently playing on XMMS. Requires xmms info pipe

Box Code:

# code used from xmms InfoPipe by Weyfor WWWWolf
# additions/modifications by b1o
# requires xmms and xmms InfoPipe

use vars qw($tune $pos $status $time $total $current);

sub htmlescape {
my $string = shift;

$string =~ s/&/&/gi;
$string =~ s/</</gi;
$string =~ s/>/>/gi;

return $string;

open(INFO,"/tmp/xmms-info") or do {
print header();

while(<INFO>) {
if(/^Status: (.*)$/)
$status = htmlescape($1);

if(/^Time: (.*)$/)
$time = htmlescape($1);

if(/^Tunes in playlist: (.*)$/)
$total = htmlescape($1);

if(/^Currently playing: (.*)$/)
$current = htmlescape($1);

if(/^Title: (.*)$/)
$tune = htmlescape($1);

if(/^Position: (.*)$/)
$pos = htmlescape($1);

close INFO;

my $content .= "$tune <br> status :: $status <br> total time :: $time <br> elapsed :: $pos <br> song :: $current of $total ";

return $content
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