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Author: PatricBreinson [Info]


In our time, everyone knows that any person has the right for freedom of expression and thought. Injustice and humiliation of human ideas and sayings existed in ancient times in different countries and cultures. Therefore, freedom of speech is a positive phenomenon. Every person has the opportunity to be and develop as a person and make his or her contribution to the development of modern society. However, it also has a negative side, because very often people do not control their emotions and express their ideas quite rudely. Do modern world need absolute freedom of expression?

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Negative Aspects of Freedom of Speech
The major mistake that many people make is that they are ready to do everything to prove their position. It may happen that someone, wanting to prove their truth, offends others. In this case, it is necessary to remember not only your rights but also not to forget about tolerance. If you are against some social phenomenon and have a number of arguments in your favor, try to express your opinion in a polite and intelligent manner. You will have more chances to be heard and show your rightness to other people.

Very often, radical people mistakenly think that groundless accusations and offensive words against other people are the form of freedom of speech. This situation can be found on the Internet. You can see many examples of anti-Semitism, sharp criticism of Islam or Christianity, racism, and other forms of manifestation of non-tolerance and disrespect for certain groups of people on social networks and many other sites. Aggression and humiliation in no way can be considered as a free form of expressing one's position.
Freedom of Speech as a Positive Phenomenon
Despite the fact that some people think that offensive words told others is freedom of speech, free way of thinking is needed by modern society. There are many examples from history when the opinion of ordinary people changed the destinies of countries, overthrowing dictators. Bold statements help to save people who are subjected to violence and humiliation. Nobody is obliged to remain silent if something creates uncomfortable living conditions for him or her.

Modern technology allows you to convey your thoughts to a lot of people. You can just create a post on a social network and the whole world will know about your issue. Thanks to the work of the media, relevant social questions make people around the world think about important things.

Freedom of speech is undoubtedly a positive phenomenon in the society. The main thing is to remember that there is a very fine line between free thoughts and aggressive statements. Always remember about tolerance. Imagine yourself in the place of those people about whom you think wrong perhaps they are not so bad. Learn to understand each other. In addition, most importantly, do not be silent if your rights are threatened. The society consists of thousands of individual personalities and the opinion of even one person can radically change any problematic situation.
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