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Scoop Box Exchange - Show Box: user_email_lookup 1.00

Author: rusty [Info]


Enter an email address, look up a username. Designed for the admin tool box. empty box is a box with just |content| as its contents.

Box Code:

return '' unless ($S->have_perm('edit_user'));
my $email = $S->cgi->param('email');
my $vars = $S->cgi->Vars();
my $args;

foreach my $key (keys %{$vars}) {
next unless ($key eq 'op' or
$key eq 'tool' or
$key eq 'sid' or
$key eq 'page' or
$key eq 'cid' or
$key eq 'pid' or
$key eq 'qid');
$args .= qq{
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="$key" VALUE="$vars->{$key}">};
my $ret;
if ($email) {
my $q_email = $S->dbh->quote($email);
my ($rv, $sth) = $S->db_select({
WHAT => 'nickname',
FROM => 'users',
WHERE => qq{realemail = $q_email OR origemail = $q_email}

my $user = $sth->fetchrow();
$user = 'none found' unless $user;

$ret = qq{
Email: <b>$email</b><br>
User: <b>$user</b>

$ret .= qq{
<FORM ACTION="|rootdir|/" METHOD="POST">
|norm_font|Lookup user by email:<br>
<small><input type="text" size="10" name="email">
<input type="submit" VALUE="Go">

return {content => $ret};
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