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Scoop Box Exchange - Show Box: user_box 1.00

Author: Scoop Developers


This is the box that users will get to login with if they haven't logged in, or that will show them links to their diary, comments, stories, etc if they have logged in. Comes with scoop.

Box Code:

my $content;
if ($S->{UID} > 0) {
if ($S->have_perm('moderate')) {
my ($nstories, $tstories) = $S->_count_new_sub();
my $color = '';
my $c_end = '';
if ($nstories) {
$color = '<FONT COLOR="#FF0000"><B>';
$c_end = '</b></font>';
$content = qq|
%%dot%% <A CLASS="light" HREF="%%rootdir%%/modsub">Moderate Submissions</a> ($tstories/$color$nstories$c_end new)<BR>|;

if ($S->{TRUSTLEV} == 2 || $S->have_perm('super_mojo')) {
$content .= qq{
%%dot%% <A CLASS="light" HREF="%%rootdir%%/search?type=comment;hidden_comments=show">Review Hidden Comments</a><BR>};

my $urlnick = $S->urlify($S->{NICK});
my $diary_link = ( $S->{UI}->{VARS}->{use_diaries} ?
qq{ %%dot%% <A CLASS="light" HREF="%%rootdir%%/user/$urlnick/diary">Your Diary</a><BR>} :
qq{} );

$content .= qq|
%%dot%% <A CLASS="light" HREF="%%rootdir%%/user/$urlnick">User Info</a><BR>
%%dot%% <A CLASS="light" HREF="%%rootdir%%/user/$urlnick/comments">Your Comments</a><BR>
%%dot%% <A CLASS="light" HREF="%%rootdir%%/user/$urlnick/stories">Your Stories</a><BR>
%%dot%% <A CLASS="light" HREF="%%rootdir%%/submitstory/Diary">New Diary Entry</a><BR>
%%dot%% <A CLASS="light" HREF="%%rootdir%%/user/$urlnick/prefs">User Preferences</a><BR>
%%dot%% <A CLASS="light" HREF="%%rootdir%%/interface/prefs">Display Preferences</a><BR>
%%dot%% <A CLASS="light" HREF="%%rootdir%%/interface/comments">Comment Preferences</a><BR>
%%dot%% <A CLASS="light" HREF="%%rootdir%%/logout">Logout $S->{NICK}</a><BR>|;

$title = "$S->{NICK}";
} else {
$content = $S->{UI}->{BLOCKS}->{login_box};
$content =~ s/%%LOGIN_ERROR%%/$S->{LOGIN_ERROR}/;
return {content => $content, title => $title };
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I'm getting (none / 0) (#1)
by chuckles on Sat Mar 04, 2006 at 08:17:46 PM PST

this at the bottom of my user_box on my site when I cut and paste this.
+ Logout scoop
%%; scoop
Just for some info, at Our Spectrum I deleted my submit diary link. So, I have cut and pasted this, but I'm getting the weirdness. Also, can anyone tell me what else do I need in this new box to make it work I want my scoop intro box, which has links to sections to have a New Diary button and maybe a new story button. perl challenged.
|dot| <%A CLASS="light" HREF="|rootdir|/submitstory/Diary">New Diary Entry</a%><%BR>
|dot| <%A CLASS="light" HREF="|rootdir|/user/$urlnick/prefs">User Preferences</a%><%BR>
|dot| <%A CLASS="light" HREF="|rootdir|/interface/prefs">Display Preferences</a%><%BR>
|dot| <%A CLASS="light" HREF="|rootdir|/interface/comments">Comment Preferences</a%><%BR>
|dot| <%A CLASS="light" HREF="|rootdir|/logout">Logout $S->{NICK}</a%><%BR>|;

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