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Author: bittondb [Info]


creates .m3u song list from file system and query submitted from song_search box

Box Code:

use File::Find;

my $content;
my $search = $S->cgi->param('song');
my $list = $S->cgi->param('list');
my $re = qr/$search/i;

if ($list) {
$S->apache->header_out('Content-Disposition' => "attachment; filename=list.m3u");

find( \&getmp3, "/var/mp3/");

sub getmp3 {
my $name = $File::Find::name;
$name =~ s/\/var\/mp3/\/tunes/;
$content .= "http:\/\/" . $name . "\n";

return '' unless $content;
return $content;
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